Its rightly said ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’.

Coimbatore has multitudinous restaurants with multiple branches offering multifarious varieties of cuisines. But, don’t you still feel something’s missing? Well, we felt the same. In today’s fast-paced world, we seldom found sufficient time to get to the food with the home-made feel that we could just blindly love and trust, so arose the need for it to get us! Here we bring you healthy & hygienic food, guaranteed to satiate your taste buds right at your door steps. Aren’t you craving for it already?

Believing in product innovation, with 1 Kitchen, a stove, handful of recipes and truckloads of passion; here comes ‘IDLI DABBA’, a food-delivery start-up, bringing you healthy, steaming hot Idlies and the crispiest of Dosas, served with exotic Chettinadu Curries like Kallaveetu Kathirikkai, Kadamba Thuvayal, Naatu Kozhi Koazhambu, Meen Kozhambu that you can conveniently order online at the snap of a finger.

IDLI DABBA aspires to break the notion that South Indian food is mundane and boring. We aim to do this by offering our Idlies & Dosas with traditional, authentic & spicy South Indian Curries apart from the usual Chutneys, Sambar & Podis. Curious? Hungry already? Our daily menu would include 3 Veg touches, 3 Non-Veg touches, 3 Thuvayyals, a wide variety of Idlies and Dosas, Salads, Omelettes, Sweets, Beverages & it goes on…….

Concerned about hygiene? We take great pride that our FSSAI-rated kitchens house imported cooking equipment that are fully automated ensuring minimal hand usage. Our packaging is engineered to keep the food fresh, hot and easy to consume. Our delivery bags maintain food integrity through the delivery cycle. With an equal emphasis on technology and delivery, we make ordering food a first class experience.

Wondering what else can be more exciting about us? Unlike other food-delivery services, our app gives you the unique option to track your order. You can keep an eye on your food at every stage from its making till it reaches you. Not just that, we also deliver varieties of piping hot Tea & Coffee in hygienic disposable flasks at your doorsteps. You can also subscribe our food on a weekly or monthly basis.

Wanna surprise your special ones on their special day? We can deliver their favourite dishes and make their day on your behalf. Trying to reach out to the hungry stomachs? We provide an option to ‘Gift A Meal’ by which you can opt to offer our food to the needy.

We are taking baby steps in Coimbatore. With your continuous backing and patronage in the firm, we plan to expand to Chennai & Bengaluru very soon.

Why the wait? Go Ahead! Get ‘Happiness Delivered’!!